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5 Spring Car Maintenance Tips

By Scott Mantel, Peoples Insurance Manager


Winter can be rough on your vehicle, especially if you had to battle snow and ice all winter long. April is National Car Care Month. Now that spring is here you should take the time to care for your car.

Here are a few maintenance tips for spring to keep you safe:


Your vehicle's tires are extremely important when it comes to your safety. Tires are the only thing that stands between your car and the road, so make sure they have adequate tread. During the winter, your tires wear faster than usual because of the harsh winter conditions.

If you use snow tires during the winter, now is the time to swap them out for your all-season tires. Spring is a great time to have your tires rotated to evenly distribute the everyday wear and tear on tires.

Photo: Putting air in a tire
Text: Overinflation of your vehicle tires can cause premature tire wear. Check your tire pressure often to ensure it's not past the manufacturer specification.

Additionally, with the weather and temperature change, it is possible that your tire pressure will change. Be sure and check your tire pressure and ensure your tires are in the recommended range of 32 and 35 for most passenger vehicles (you can also use this guide to check the recommended tire pressure range for your vehicle).

Windshield Wipers

During the winter, your windshield wipers clear heavy snow and ice. This, along with cold temperatures, can wear down the windshield wipers faster than normal.

Photo: Changing windshield wipers
Text: rs that are worn can have exposed metal which could potentially scratch your windshield. Avoid this by changing your windshield wipers at the appropriate time.
During the spring inspection of your car, take the time to clean or replace your windshield wipers. If your windshield wipers do not completely clear water from your windshield, you will know it is time to replace them. You do not want to be caught in a situation where you cannot see due to faulty windshield wipers.

Take this time to also refill your wiper fluid. With the change of season, we are guaranteed to see an increase in bugs, which means you will be cleaning your windshield more often.


Photo: Car on the road
Text: A thorough wash and wax is just what your car needs after the long winter. This will remove the road grime, debris, and salt build up.

During the winter roads are de-iced with salt, which can potentially cause rust to form. To avoid this, consistently wash your car with a regular high-powered wash cycle. This will rinse any remaining salt off your car. If you do see rust forming on your vehicle, take it to an automotive shop to avoid further development. 

Oil and Oil Filter Change

Photo: Putting oil in a car
Text: To ensure that you are using the correct oil type, check your owner's manual.

It is recommended that you change your oil on your vehicle every 3,000 miles. With the change in seasons, there is no better time to change your oil. The oil lubricates and cools the engine, but as the oil ages, it becomes less effective. Regular oil and filter changes ensure that your engine is healthy in every season.


During the winter, the brakes of your vehicle are working overtime. With the icy roads and tough driving conditions, it is not unusual for your brakes to be worn out at the end of the season.

If you feel that your brakes may be compromised by springtime (this guide has some great tips to tell if your brakes need replacing), take them to a professional to be inspected and properly replaced.

Now that Spring is upon us, take the appropriate steps to care for your vehicle. Part of caring for your vehicle is making sure that it has the appropriate auto insurance.

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