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COVID has been a big, dark cloud over all of us the past three years. However, with every dark cloud, there is a silver lining!

This year, I want to use our COVID experiences to move past Thankfulness to Gratitude. It’s not enough to feel Thankful; we need to be Grateful, and that requires an attitude change. We need to look for the good that exists in everything.

So, when the waitress messes up my order, I want to choose to be grateful that he or she showed up to work that day. Instead of complaining that the lines at the store are so long, I want to be grateful that the goods I am buying are available and that truckers and shelf stockers were there to deliver them. And when the temps drop, I want to be truly appreciative that my furnace works and that my blanket is as warm as ever!

In short, I want to consistently choose an “attitude of gratitude” for the rest of 2022 and beyond; I hope you will, too!

 Al Vermeer, CEO of Peoples Bank
Al Vermeer, CEO