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I received a gift this year that I display on my desk.  It is a 5-inch globe, encased in clear plastic, setting on a stand.  That doesn’t sound terribly interesting until I tell you that it spins east to west on its own!  Moreover, it is driven by light. When I come into my office in the morning and it is dark out, the globe is not spinning.  I turn on the lights and 2-3 minutes later, it is spinning on its own, the same direction at a steady pace!  Don’t ask me how it works; I just see that it does!

I have to admit that I have spent a fair amount of time this winter just watching that globe spin; it is kind of mesmerizing!  But recently, it has gotten me thinking about a couple of things:
  • Our world is much bigger than my world.  When I look at the little spec on the globe representing Iowa – and I know how big that is – and compare it to the rest of the globe, there is a lot of space filled with a lot of people out there.  That has not changed, despite COVID-19 trying to lock us in our own homes and little worlds this past year.
  • Time marches on.  Just like that globe spinning the same direction at the same rate, so do the days of our lives move on.  However, we cannot forget that today, right now, is what we have - not yesterday and certainly not tomorrow.
  • Things work better in the light.  Just like the globe needs light to spin, our words and deeds are more effective and honorable when done in the light for all to see.

A new day is dawning on 2021.  Let’s all do our best to make the best of it!!

 Al Vermeer, CEO of Peoples Bank
Al Vermeer, CEO