Trust Services

With a trust managed through the Peoples Bank Trust department, you can be assured that your assets will be dispersed as you intend.  The flexibility of our services is what makes us the right choice for you! Trust Client Account Login

If you need assistance with any of the following services or for additional information, please contact our Trust professionals today.

Mike McAlpine - Wealth Management Group President
Brad Van Heuvelen - Senior Wealth Management Group Officer

Estate Services

Trying to settle the estate of a loved one can be extremely time-consuming and an overwhelming process.  That is why choosing your executor is so important.  The staff at Peoples Bank pays careful attention to the many duties an estate representative must perform to ensure that your stated wishes are carried out.


Trust Under Will

A trust under will is a good way to provide for your beneficiaries while maintaining control of your property during your lifetime.  The flexibility of this trust allows you to add provisions as you choose.  Typically, a trust under will provides that the income from the assets be used for the family’s benefit.  The Trust department staff at Peoples Bank can relieve your beneficiaries of tasks such as handling investments, filing tax returns, and record keeping.


Living Trust

A living trust is set up and operates during your lifetime and can continue after your death.  A living trust account can create a financial blueprint for the maintenance and distribution of your estate and offers stand-by protection in the event of illness or incapacity.  Peoples Bank is careful when investing trust assets.  We will not speculate or take undue risk with assets held and managed for you.


Charitable Trust

Specific charitable provisions can be accomplished within a trust.  Such a trust may provide you with tax benefits, a source of income, and comfort in the knowledge that your charitable goals will be reached.  If you are considering a sizeable gift to your favorite charity, a Peoples Bank trust officer can guide you through the process.


Retirement Planning

Enjoy the benefit of tax-deferred growth on your investments!  When choosing an IRA, SEP, Simple, Profit Sharing Plan, or 401(k), our team of knowledgeable professionals can provide the facts to assist you in making your decision. We can speed up the application process with pre-approved documents and perform any required IRS filings you might need. Peoples Bank can also accept rollovers transferred from other institutions.


Investment Management

An investment management account has broad appeal.  It can be of great assistance to you if you desire to have the help of a skilled professional. After discussion with a portfolio manager and identification of your risk tolerance, timeline, income needs and expectations, the Trust department staff at Peoples Bank will manage your account according to your investment mission statement to assure that your goals and objectives are achieved.


Custody Services

A Custodial Account is ideal for individuals who wish to have Peoples Bank serve as a full-time financial secretary, but not to assist with investment decisions. As Custodian, we are equipped to handle all recordkeeping functions including the collection of income and disbursements.  We can also coordinate the tax filing process.