You’ve all heard us say 'Where Values Matter!' many times.  But what are those values?

At Peoples Bank, we believe that:

• Honesty, integrity and respect shall be the cornerstone of all that we do.

These characteristics, honesty, integrity and respect, are non-negotiables among our employees.  It may not be the easiest or safest route to take, but it is the only one that will serve to build the kind of lasting relationships that we treasure.  Put another way:

Honesty  +  Integrity  +  Respect  = TRUST

And TRUST is the foundation of our business!!


• We strive to enrich families and communities through our actions.

Families are the basis of our communities, and communities are the foundation of our business.  Therefore, anything we can do to help strengthen families not only benefits our own families, but it helps build our business as well!!


• We are committed to excellence.

We aim to do our best every day, in every way.  Being human, we know we will falter and even fail sometimes, but we will make the necessary corrections and move forward.  Even though we strive for perfection, we are committed to excellence!


• Change fuels our progress.

OK, we admit it.  We are mostly Dutch, and “change” is a 4-letter word!  However, we know that the world around us is changing daily and in order to keep our commitments to you, we need to change with it.  We will seek for better, more efficient ways to serve you, our customers and continue to meet your ever-changing financial needs!


Values: the things that we will hold on to, no matter what happens to us. 

At Peoples Bank, these are our values.  If these are yours, too, check us out.  We would be honored to be of service to you!!


Thanks for reading!!

Al Vermeer, Peoples Bank CEO