Select a Checking or Savings Account

Think of this as your first step on the road to financial security. Choosing the right checking or savings account can help you maximize your money and allow you the greatest flexibility to grow.

Account Minimum Balance to Open Minimum Balance Required Monthly Service Fee Debit Card Interest Bearing
Peoples Choice Checking ¹
$0 None None Red Button No
Checking w/ Interest ¹ ³
$0 $500 Yes Red Button Yes
Savings 1 2 3
$0 $200 Yes Red Button Yes
Money Market ¹ ² ³ More>> $200 $200 Yes Red Button Yes
* Subject to Credit Approval
¹ Dormant Accounts - Below $1000 will be charged $2.50 per month if dormant for 1 year or more.
² Balance Fee will be waived for all account holders under 21 years of age.
³ Rate Information - This account is an interest-bearing account.The interest rate and annual percentage yield (APY) will depend on daily balance. The interest rate and APY may change. Interest will begin to accrue the business day we receive credit for the deposit of non-cash items (i.e. check)