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Financial support for career building young adults.

Laying the right foundation as you start your career can be the key to financial success. Time can be an asset. . . Each dollar you save in your 20s can be worth 10 times as much as one you save in your 40s. You are always on the go, so electronic services will be terrific time and money saving tools!


  • Pay off your credit card debt - It is senseless to pay 13 to 20 percent interest on credit card payments while your savings accounts earn one or two percent.

  • Understand your credit report - Your financial behavior over the past seven years, including how much credit you have, how long you've had it, and whether you pay your bills on time is information included in your credit report.
    • Monitor your credit score annually. Arm yourself with knowledge to accurately review and understand your credit score.
    • Your credit score is available at three credit reporting agencies, which lenders buy from to help determine your qualification for a loan and to determine the rate of a loan.
  • Start Saving - The financial decisions you make now will have the greatest impact on the lifestyle you will enjoy during retirement.
    • Take advantage of a 401k plan if your employer offers one. If you are already contributing to a retirement fund, try to increase your contribution. Consider an IRA investment if a 401k is not an option.
    • Try to set aside 5 to 10 percent of your salary for savings. Seek automatic deduction from your main account to save in a separate account.
    • it's important to note that people are retiring earlier and living longer, and you may need more money in the future than you think...don't underestimate the amount you'll need. For your free consultation, please email Grant De Vries or call toll-free 877-722-0101.
  • Conserve time, money, and paper with our Convenience banking products

  • Stick to a budget that will work for you and help meet your future goals - Guard against impulse buying, especially on large purchases.

  • Check out our calculators to help you decide what you need to reach your personal goals and stay on budget too!

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