Empty Nesters

Transform your financial habits to prepare for the future.

Now is the time to take a fresh look at your finances. Prepare for the future by evaluating your budget. Adjust where you can to better prepare for retirement. Take advantage of services specially designed for your new phase!


  • Take advantage of our Heritage Club - Available for all customers 55 years old and above.

  • Investment Check-up - Begin to evaluate your current situation (expenses and assets) to your retirement plans.
    • Start the decision making process about where you want to live during retirement and figure all the associated costs.
    • Determine how much your assets will be worth at retirement, and how long they are likely to last.

Contact our Investment representative, Grant De Vries, for more information on how we can help you in your pre-retirement lifestage to re-allocate your assets, increase IRA contributions, or set up an annuity.

  • Establish and estate plan and/or trust - Our Trust Department can help you in the areas of trust administration and estate planning to grow your assets, save on taxes, and protect and manage your property.  Our Trust Department can also help you plan for the special needs of your children or aging parents.

Contact our Trust professionals, Mike McAlpine or Brad Van Heuvelen, for a free trust consultation today.

  • Become aware of opportunities to reduce your lifestyle costs - for example: downsizing vehicles or your home may provide convenience while lowering the costs and time of maintenance.

  • Set a budget you can stick to - Determine your financial priorities, make a list with deadlines and start accomplishing them.

  • Understand your credit report - Your financial behavior over the past seven years, including how much credit you have, how long you've had it, and whether you pay your bills on time is information included in your credit report.
    • Monitor your credit score annually. Arm yourself with knowledge to accurately review and understand your credit score.
    • Your credit score is available at three credit reporting agencies, which lenders buy from to help determine your qualification for a loan and to determine the rate of a loan.
  • Check out our calculators to help you review your budget and see what changes could do for you. Check out Savings and Investment steps to meet your retirement goals.

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