"a small change with BIG BENEFITS"

Get your bank statements the easy way by accessing them online, cutting down on the clutter of paper and reducing the risk of mail fraud.  E-Statements are a safe, secure, and convenient alternative to paper statements and signing up for the service is absolutely free!  Take a look at the advantages of going paperless:

  • Receive your statements faster
    • E-Statements are sent to you via email the day they are generated at the bank.
    • No need to wait for mail to arrive.
  • Easy online access of statements
    • E-Statements are viewed in PDF format so you may access, save, or print them at any time.
    • E-Statements are official documents which you can use for taxes, record keeping, etc.
    • Access up to 6 months of E-Statements at anytime via Peoples Online Banking.
    • 18 months of E-Statements are available anytime in your Account Listing tab.
  • Secure
    • E-Statements help reduce the risk of mail fraud.
    • No confidential information emailed to you, just a notice that your statement is ready to be viewed.
  • Environmentally Friendly

  • They are absolutely FREE!


How do I enroll in E-Statements?

This process is fast and easy once you have a Peoples Online Banking ID. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Log in to Peoples Online Banking.

2. From the main menu, select the E-Statements tab.

3. Enroll all available accounts and documents for which you would like to receive E-Statements. If you have combined statements, you may notice some accounts 'grayed out' and you will only need to select the main account.

4. Validate your email address.

5. Enter a security phrase. This phrase will be displayed in the subject line of all emails verifying the message is valid content from Peoples Bank.

6. Enter the PDF passcode that you receive by opening up the attached PDF document. This verifies that you are able to view the version of PDF needed for your E-Statements.

7. Read and Accept terms and disclosures.