History & Mission

Vision Statement

Where Values Matter!

Mission Statement

We Will:

Exceed customers' expectations.
Create a dynamic environment that promotes personal growth.
Enrich our communities through contributions of time, talent and resources.
Provide Maximum long term earnings to shareholders.

Core Values

Honesty, integrity and respect shall be the cornerstone of all that we do. We strive to enrich families and communities through our actions. We are committed to excellence. Change fuels our progress.


If you read the timeline below, you will see that Peoples Bank has had many milestones over the years.  Each bank/office charts its history from a different date. 

What is it that makes it possible to keep a business in existence for so long?  At Peoples Bank, we think it is our commitment to being a part and parcel of every community where there is a Peoples Bank office.  To us that means serving each community in a variety of ways:

  1. We provide up to date banking services that are fairly priced and tailored to meet the needs of our clients.
  2. We give back to each community – our time, a percentage of our profits and our expertise.  We are proud that we are often the first business contacted when a community group needs to fund a project, large or small.  You will find our officers and staff serving on many boards and committees providing leadership to worthwhile community groups, organizations and churches.  Many of our staff are free to conduct these “outside activities” from their desks or workstations.
  3. We listen to our clients.  We respond to their comments and often change product and/or service offerings because of feedback from our clients.
  4. We make every effort to be an information center where a client can learn about mortgage loans, business loans, agricultural loans, and government programs for new homeowners, new businesses, beginning farmers and others.


1945 – A group of investors from Lyon County started a new bank in Lester, the Lester State Bank, chartered by the state of Iowa.  The Lester bank, now one of 7 bank offices, has been in existence longer than any other bank office.

1961 – The Lester shareholders sold a majority interest in the bank to a group from Rock Rapids.

1977 – The bank moved its chartered location to Rock Valley, opened a new office in Rock Valley and changed its name to Peoples Bank & Trust.  The bank first began offering trust and wealth management services.

1984 to 1987 – Peoples Bank and many of its clients survived the “Farm Debt Crisis” amidst the closing of many Iowa banks.

1987 – Under the leadership of Joe Van Tol, a newly formed group of Lyon and Sioux County investors purchased the bank from the Rock Rapids group.

1994 – Two offices of the former United Federal Savings Bank were purchased in downtown Rock Valley and Sioux Center.  Until the downtown office was closed in 1997, Peoples maintained two offices in Rock Valley.

1999- The Sioux Center office moved to the north side of town into a newly constructed building.   A new office was established in a temporary building in Akron.  The bank’s name was shortened to Peoples Bank.

2002 – The Akron bank moved into a newly constructed building on Highway 12.

2005 – A new office was established in a temporary building in Sheldon.

2006 – Peoples Bank merged with the Jasper State Bank with the result being a Peoples Bank in Jasper, Minnesota.

2007 – The Sheldon bank moved into a newly remodeled permanent building on Highway 18.

2008 – Peoples Bank merged with the Farmers State Bank of Hawarden with the result being a Peoples Bank in Hawarden.

2011 – New Website was designed.

2012 – Sioux Center changes their location and moves into their brand new building at 1701 South Main Avenue.