Swipe'n Save

Simply link a Swipe'n Save checking and savings account and watch your savings GROW!

The idea is simple.  Every time you make a purchase with your Peoples Bank debit card, the amount is rounded up to the nearest whole dollar and the round up amount is automatically transferred into your Swipe'n Save savings account.  The more you SWIPE, the more you SAVE!

PLUS a possible Peoples Bank Bonus Match

Peoples Bank also offers a match to your savings account on your rounded up transactions for the statement cycle according to the tiers below.  Each month, the Peoples Bank Bonus Match will be determined by the average combined balance of your Swipe'n Save checking and savings accounts for that statement cycle.  The Peoples Bank Bonus Match tiers may change at our discretion at any time.

Combined Balance: PB Bonus Match Maximum Match (per month)
less than $2,500.00 None N/A
between $2,500.00 and $10,000.00 100% $10/mos.
between $10,000.00 and $25,000.00 200% $20/mos.
greater than $25,000.00 200% $50/mos.


Swipe'n Save Example

Purchase Amount Debited Amount Savings Deposit
$4.31 $5.00 $0.69
$21.57 $22.00 $0.43
$79.09 $80.00 $0.91

Total Swipe'n Save automatic savings = $2.03

Peoples Bank Bonus Match = $2.03 (if combined balance is between $2,500.00 and $10,000.00)

Peoples Bank Bonus Match = $4.06 (if combined balance is over $10,000.00)


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